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From Humble Roots, Shooting for the Stars

From humble beginnings, Bernard A. Harris, Jr., is known for many achievements including being a medical doctor, astronaut, venture capitalist, philanthropist and now the proud owner of a famous vineyard with award-winning wines.

Dr. Harris first explored the wine regions of Napa and Sonoma Valley while completing his research fellowship at NASA Ames Research Center at Moffett Field, California. He immediately fell in love with the region and yearned to one day make it his home. It would take 35 years for that dream to become a reality. With the support of his daughter and life partner Valerie, they located this hidden treasure.

Joined by his daughter Brooke Alexandria "Alex," they have become the newest winemakers in the northern California region after purchasing the Famighetti Vineyards (previously the Kem Vineyards) in 2021, to establish The Harris Estate & Vineyards.

"Our goal is to continue to fulfill the potential, beauty and spirit of this property by producing the exceptional quality fruit that reflects the nature of both the land and those who developed and care for it. We hope to create a family legacy for generations to come."

Award-Winning Wines

Premium Fruit Offered to Only a Few Select Partners

The Harris Estate & Vineyards award winning wine grapes
Critic Review: Adobe Road Zinfandel Sonoma County Dry Creek Valley The Harris Estate Vineyards 2021 - 90 Points
"Rich blackberries with plenty of dried fruits that are on the edge of becoming jammy. Some black chocolate, vanilla and sweet spices, too. A little tacky on the palate with a medium to full body where you'll find firm, dusty tannins before a rich, flavorful finish. Good for zinfandel. Drink now."

– James Suckling, Renowned Wine Critic | See the review »

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Fruit grown at The Harris Estate Vineyards have been a well-kept secret—leveraged in premium offerings by only a few select partners over the past 20 years. The vineyard produces the highest quality, unique fruit that is a single vineyard designate. The Harris Estate Vineyards (formerly Famighetti Vineyards) wines have garnered multiple 90+ ratings annually since 2015.

Owners, Bernard and Alex Harris, along with Vineyard Manager, Javier Rivas and Winemaker, Garret Martin have collaborated with Adobe Road, a premium winery partner to create something truly unique for wine enthusiasts around the world.

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About The Harris Family Estate

A Well-Kept Secret and a Story of Success

The Harris Estate Vineyard is located in Sonoma County. With the Dry Creek Valley to the east, the Russian River and beautiful redwood forests to the west, the region is known for its rich grape-wine growing tradition.

Perched atop one of the highest peaks in the Dry Creek Valley, The Harris Estate Vineyards' terraced terrain resembles France's Rhone Valley more than Northern California. Microclimates created by the combination of elevation, undulating slopes and soil variations make it possible for vineyards to grow the highest quality fruit from four varietals: Zinfandel, Syrah, Grenache, and Viognier.

The estate, originally established in 1992, manicured the terraced vineyard in 1998 and planted in 1999. The estate contains approximately seven acres of vineyard and produces a typical annual yield of 17-20 tons, producing 1,000 cases and 12,000 bottles of wine.

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